With the 360° method you have a complete initial analysis before you begin planning, this will make the process less time consuming and more assertive. The 360??° method aims to help your Startup progress by identifying the strengths of the business and the points that need to be improved, culminating in the strategic goals to be achieved.

What makes the 360° method innovative is its operating model, which visualizes the business in all its perspectives. The technical analysis of professionals in the areas of technology, programming, software engineering, marketing, advertising, design and law, results in a precise opinion that will have important and privileged information that will aid in making decisions, increasing the right answers and saving time, Money and energy. The analysis and reporting of the experts safely guides short, medium and long term decision making.

Each professional does the technical analysis of the project area that competes through an elaborate structure that also counts on the analysis of the project as a whole.

Through strategic planning, the information needed to identify Startup opportunities and increase performance in all areas analyzed is raised. After this, data are collected for the elaboration of an action plan.

The implementation of the 360° method facilitates the identification of actions and improvements that are generally not perceived, positively affecting the future of Startup.

Learn some advantages of the 360° method:

1. An evaluation model that analyzes all the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Based on the opinions of professionals in each area.

2. All professionals are involved in the project and actively participate in fostering ideas, technological innovations, functions, project validations, business monetization, etc.

3. The project owner or investor receives full feedback on the analysis and results.

4. The feedback will help strengthen Startup's development as it anticipates changes and improvements to the business.

5. It increases the engagement of all those involved in the project, being it idealizer or professional, and drives a constant improvement thereof.

6. Opinions from different experts make your Startup more relevant and reliable in the eyes of investors and users.

7. When teams participate in the evaluation process the organizational culture of the project tends to become more honest.

8. Leadership is aligned with the project in an improvement program, with goals and attitudes to be taken for project courses.

9. The main goal is to maintain continuous improvement of project performance.

10. It promotes greater acceptance in the market, since its Startup will be perceived as a more reliable and palpable process.

The 360° method is not a fixed or conclusive process, quite the contrary. It reflects the current reality of business from a set of varied perceptions. So the method starts the second step, which is strategic planning.

Advisory and Strategy

The Uniom Agency was created with the aim of boosting the union between client and success.
The road to success comes from a variety of factors. The engagement of our team of professionals with your project generates greater commitment and allows us to advise you in all the necessary steps and segments. In addition, our planners rely on years of experience and a vast and competent ability to analyze, research, shape and, ultimately, turn your case into success. This is an important differential because, in addition to knowledge, market experience and vision of the future can be decisive when tracing the strategies of your Startup.

Uniom Labs

Incube your Startup

As our customers, we are passionate about undertaking. We have several projects created in the laboratory of Uniom. Many have ceased to be ideas and have become successful Startups.

Because of many years of developing projects for third parties in the technology sector, we noticed great needs in the market, and from that perception started the Uniom laboratory.

In it, your idea is incubated and distributed to potential investors, thus giving you more chance to receive the input you need and thus get your idea out of paper.

We also have opportunities to participate in some of our projects, either to act as a partner or investor.

Uniom Dev

Develop your Startup

Ideas are only great when done well!

That your dream business or sensational and lucrative idea deserves to be well developed. Because if it is not, it will be nothing more than one more.

To get it off the paper, it takes a lot more than it takes. A specialized team is essential to advise you on this achievement.

Thinking about this, we have a team of professionals from the areas of design, advertising, marketing, web programming, mobile programming and project development. They bring out the best and most current in each area of expertise and, together with our planners, develop strategies and actions to be taken to make your idea a real success.

This union between the different areas allows you a range of solutions, alternatives and immense opportunities, as united, actions become more effective.


Reach your goals faster

Uniom's acceleration program is based on one premise: the future is done today.

And in order for your Startup not to lose its strength, you have to keep it evolving.

A stagnant Startup ceases to be profitable and to attract investors. Leveraging your business does not just depend on a good idea, it must be structured and you, your business or service and your employees (if any) should be in sync with the objectives. In addition, you need to know your business and always be in tune with your user. Do you know what he's looking for? Is your service relevant and still being sought after? These and several other questions are paramount to keeping your business up.

To help you find extremely competent and committed professionals who will trace all the problems and generate the necessary solutions for your Startup to continue to develop. They are professionals who can bring new ideas and solutions, seek the source of their obstacles and raise the full potential of their idea.

So, you need some help? Get in touch and get to know more.

Sucess Cases

The difference between a good idea and a bad one, is the execution!

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