We can not talk about technology without mentioning the improvement it can bring to the social everyday, after all, all new technology is nothing more than creating new facilitated ways of doing something. We are passionate about technology. But we also understand the social role that it must exert for the social, ecological and sustainable evolution of the reality that surrounds us. With this in mind, Uniom Life aims to create and boost projects aimed at the care, preservation and improvement of life as a whole. Our constant search is for social, economic and ecological projects that influence in a positive way the daily life of the cities and of the people that surround it, impacting directly on the quality of life of all of us.

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Professional in the areas of design, advertising, marketing, web programming, mobile programming, project development and hardware? We may be looking for you!

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Meet the creators of this project. They are young people engaged and engaged in the quest for the society we so much dream. A fair, balanced society that respects not only other human beings, but also nature and all living beings around us. This is the ideal that moves Uniom Life projects.

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